Vallie View Farm

The Pond Place at VVF


The Pond Place is a Christian outreach resource primarily for Church youth groups as well as college, career and single adult ministries.
Our hope is to provide a place to have fun, fellowship and the opportunity to share
life and Truth while making great memories.
The Pond spanned by a zip line, a 40 foot rope swing and a 70 foot long water slide
All designed to get participants into the pond with a splash.

FundRacing At The Farm


TC-Mac Race (Oct 2019)

Our family has been running obstacle course races for a few years now. We realized we could utilize our property and create our own race! That was how the “fundracing” idea came about: developing something people are already enjoying and turning into a way to give back to the community. Our long-term goal is seeing this course used to raise funds for various organizations. This year all proceeds for the 2019 race are going to TC-MAC.


Fund Racing At The Farm