Fundracing At The Farm

Hello runners!
Thank you for making the 2023 Fundracing at The Farm race a huge success.

We welcome any feedback you might have for us on Last years race. Please email suggestions for how we could improve the course, improve the experience, and any ideas that you might have on how we can get the word out to even more runners this year to:
 We hope to see you back this year!
 Mike and Sandy Vallie | Vallie View Farm
Gwyn Southerland | Isaiah117 House

Interested in becoming a sponsor?

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The Purpose:


Our family has been running obstacle course races for a few years now. We realized we could utilize our property and create our own race! That was how the “fundracing” idea came about:  developing something people are already enjoying and turning into a way to give back to the community. Our long-term goal is seeing this course used to raise funds for various organizations. This year all proceeds for the 2022 race are going to the Isaiah House.


Race Course Preview