Fundracing At The Farm


TC-MAC Race: Oct 2019

The Purpose:


Our family has been running obstacle course races for a few years now. We realized we could utilizer our property and create our own race! That was how the “fundracing” idea came about:  developing something people are already enjoying and turning into a way to give back to the community. Our long-term goal is seeing this course used to raise funds for various organizations. This year all proceeds for the 2019 race are going to TC-MAC.


The Tri-Cities Military Affairs Council (TC-MAC) is organized to recognize, encourage, support, and be an advocate for military and veteran affairs in North East Tennessee as they relate to national defense and economic vitality of the area. Some of the ways that TCMAC accomplishes its goals are:


  1. Fostering and maintaining an appreciation for those who serve as well as those who have served.
  2. Educating community, business, and the political leaders on the military and veterans, its mission and economic impact.
  3. Working as a liaison between civic, veteran and military communities.
  4. Making apparent to military personnel, veterans and their families that North East Tennessee values them as important citizens, friends and welcome additions to the community.
  5. Offers support to local military recruiters.
  6. Promoting and enhancing employer support for the Guard and Reserve (ESGR).
  7. Membership in TCMAC is open to any person, firm, or organization.