Course Map

course map

Obstacle Standards

10 burpee penalty or 30 jumping jacks Burpee standards – can hit the ground or perform a half burpee

1. Hay bale – go over

2. Tire crawl – go through

3. High knee tires – go through

4. Big spools – go over

5. Monkey bars – two attempts; must ring bell

6. Down ropes (optional)

7. Over – under

8. Up ropes (optional)

9. Wire crawl – crawl or roll the whole way

10. Down ropes (optional)

11. Under – over

12. Pond crossing – each participant must wear a buckled life jacket. They must return the life jacket to the dock before continuing on. They may pull themselves by the rope in the water. If they choose not to do the pond crossing, they must grab a life jacket, circle the large pond (they do not have to go around the small pond), return the life jacket, and perform 10 burpees before continuing on.

13. Balance beam – 2 attempts; must make it from one end to the other without falling off in the middle

14. Bucket carry – can set bucket down; cannot carry on shoulder.

15. Small spools – go over

16. Rope climb – two attempts; participants must ring the bell at the top

17. Water slide – if you choose not to, must run to the start then down the hill before completing 10 burpees

18. Wall – must climb over; participants can assist one another

19. Tire flip – must be flipped once downhill and once uphill; can assist one another

20. Tyrolean traverse – no assistance; two attempts

21. Spear throw – two attempts